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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 8, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a burglary, an alarm goes off, everything is in place for an arrest, but the pole are nowhere to be found and now, neither is the criminal. >> the homeowner says d.c. police didn't show up for over 45 minutes. it got the attention of high ranking officials. we have more. >> reporter: police officials confirm an investigation into the burglary response is underway. >> it's a rug -- a mat that was out here to, i guess, put on his hand and break the window. >> reporter: the boarded up window and smudges of fingerprint dust tell the story. >> there was a lock that's been replaced. everything got replaced. >> reporter: it happened friday
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afternoon. he was at work a few blocks away when he got a call from the alarm company. >> he said we have a backdoor. should we call the police? >> i said yes, i'm on my way. >> reporter: he ran into the alley and asked people in the delivery truck if they had seen anything. >> they nodded their head to the fellow in the alley who was bleeding on his right hand. i said why is your hand bleeding. he then became belligerent and was cursing me and started walking briskly. i followed him. he ran, i ran while dialling 911, again. >> reporter: polices arrived about 43 minutes after the first call. they drove him in the direction the suspect was running, but the man was gone. the officers documented the
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break in damage and reported the computer damage. >> something is wrong with 911 and dispatch. >> reporter: they spoke to the commander who said investigators are following up on leads and suspect information. the homeowner was able. he saw the suspect in a park the next day. he called police. they are following up on leads and suspect information. back to you. >> okay. thank you. fronting for public safety and higher education will be cut, again. the commonwealth of virginia deals with apeee dngning budget deficit. fu ots $1.3 billi o from tetdgbu.. nearly 600 state60 wo l weril l be workers will be l wofl some will getilk pin spslips as early as morr.ow. workersl wil a
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.off nex ot next th they will close two prisons and juvenile detengs center. big cuts for colleges and universities. northern university is one of the institutions that will take a big hit. it comes at a time the college is seeing record enrollment. we have at the allendale campus. >> reporter: you know, in a time of tough economy and a tight job market, a lot of people are coming back to school to make themselves for marketable. enrollment is way up. that's why the cuts couldn't come at a worse time. >> it's been a tough time to the operating budgets. highered has been hit more than once. >> i think the budget cut hit virginia's institutions of higher education at a particular
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delicate moment. >> reporter: especially where enrollment is at a record high. it's essential for individuals and the state. >> experts estimate virginia will need 70,000 additional graduates thisecade. with the budget cuts, it means we are lucky to have the same number of graduates this year. rorter: they have yet to fully recover from a cut in 2002. workers haven't had a raise in two years. it's softened by federal stimulus money. there will be a loss in funding. tuition will go up. >> a lot more people aren't going to go to school now. they have already raised it in a year and a half. >> reporter: those who come may have to spread the higher costs over a longer period. >> instead of two or four years to get a degree, it will take three or six years. it's a problem for families and
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students who want to get into the workplace. >> repter: they say they will have to plow through it. they will go to four-year institutions. >> i want to be a teacher. i have to go to school. i don't have a choice. >> if there's a tuition increase, they have to decide on the amount. >> thank you. president obama took his stay in school message directly to the nation's school children speaking at wakefield in arlington. he said quitting school is the same as letting their country down. not all students saw the speech, but these young people at lee high school in fairfax county did. >> every single one of you has something to offer. you have a responsibilities to yourself to discover what that is. that's the opportunity an education can provide. >> every day, after school, your
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parents are on your case to push you to do your best. it's not often the president of the united states speaks directly to the students. it was great. >> the president didn't touch on health care reform. critics thought it would be publicized. tomorrow, the president will face congress. his speech will be televised. many are hoping the president will reveal specifics about where he stands. now, the biggest dividing issue is the public option insisted on by liberals and opposed by republicans. the latest proposal has one tough sell, fines for those who go without coverage. white house staffers are hoping tomorrow's speech will push lawmakers toward a compromise. senators paused to remember the late ted kennedy this
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afternoon. black velvet draped his desk along with flowers and a poem by robert frost. he spent 24 years serving in the senate before he died. sonia sotomayer was installed on the high court. john justice walked him down the steps after the ceremony. sotomayer is the first hispanic justice in the court's history. her family congratulated her outside the courthouse. they will hear a case on campaign finance law. still ahead, concerned about metro safety. speeding with nobody on board. firefighters rushing to a call for a water main break fall victim to a sinkhole. veronica, what's ahead in weather? >> we have a lingering storm. showers out there now.
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clouds and wet weather affect the temperatures. coming up in sports, a star studded affair. the redskins offensive line gain depth by ling weight. in
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the mother of a 14-year-old boy wounded in a drive by shooting yesterday says she's ready to move away from washington. she was shot yesterday afternoon near the intersection of good hope road. she was walking with a friend when somebody drove up and opened fire on them. she was shot in the face and the leg. his friend was also shot in the leg. police say they don't have a motive or us spect. she says her son is a good boy. >> my son never been shot or in trouble. of course i'm going to be sced. oh, w.woar th tt wanto t go to
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school and graduate and do something for themselves. >> both of the wounded teenagers are expected to make a full recovery. a few months after the deadliest crash in the history of metro, older, less safe cars are still being put in front of its trains. the national transportation safety board says the older 1,000 series cars are not crash worthy. a rail car involved in a crash in june killed nine people. after the crash, metro said it was putting the older cars in the middle of the trains. they say they use the older cars at the front when there's a shortage of cars and they don't g.nt to keep riders itinwa students arehe tnee ang bei m flu,u, more or shee ne oepoav hav symptoms atd
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toge.nd 1 georgetown cases. 1 cases. george mason 3, howard non. men unit did not have anyone. they are not testing patients to see which strain of flu they have, they are treating every case as if it's swine flu. sick students are encouraged to go home. a new kcavity prevention gaining popularity. drivers eyes light up. f
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news for your health. a new way to prevent cavities without picking up a toothbrush. we have the story. >> reporter: afraid of drilling, afraid of fillings? joe has 32 reasons to avoid the
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dentist chair. >> i think if dental health starts to slide, you are in for a lot of pain and discomfort as you try to correct it. >> i'm going to use a swab -- >> reporter: he's only had four kcavities. he hopes brushing and flossing can keep it that way. his dentist says that may not be enough. >> some bacteria cause gum disease, some are positive effects that help with digestion and the others cause decay. >> reporter: gary white says some people naturally have higher levels of decay causing bacteria. brushing and flossing may not be enough. the best way to avoid the pain, prevention. >> the carefree system is giving us a chance to treat it. we are being preventive entity rather than strictly a patch and
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fix. >> reporter: he started offering a carefree system. he swabs inside the patients mouth to test how much bacteria is present. if there's too much, he prescribes a special mouthwash specific for that patient. it keeps bacteria from growing inheir mouth. >> it's something to work with as a common thing for the rest of their lives. a diabetic treatedith insuli - - ep>> r orter: his patients need to rinse with the mouthwash for 20 days. >> we'll do the testing. >> reporter: after weeks the bacteria levels are tested again and should see them lower. >> they have a quantitative number to look at. >> reporter: he's been using carry free for a few weeks and hopes it will keep him out of
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the dentist chair and away from the drill. >> i hope it's early in the second half. i would like my teeth to last as long as i do. in alexandria, pets marking the end of dog days of summer. old town pool closed to humans yesterday. this evening is the time for doggie day swim. they had to show proof of vaccinations. all proceeds benefit the alexandria league. >> it looks like fun, doesn't it? >> it's funner than the river or lake. >> not a good day for the rest of humans who want to jump in the pool. >> absolutely not. we're not going to see much change today or the day after tomorrow. lots of cloud cover. an east wind. going to get a lot of rain at
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reagan national, but it depended on where you were as you will see in a moment. 74 was the high temperature today. expect temperatures similar tomorrow. picked up 700 -- inch of rain. temperatures across the area. how much were we cooler than average? 8 degrees in d.c. it wasn't the coolest city, but considering how much cooler we were than average, we were the number one city for that. 71 for the north. 66 in boston. there's the circulation off the coast. that's the low pressure system that stuck around the cape. high pressure to the north. it's going nowhere. it doesn't want to move. we are stuck with the low here. tomorrow, it will move to the north, just a little bit. thursday, it moves to the northwest. more inland, wednesday night, tomorrow night, for the first half of thursday, we could see the heaviest rain around here.
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isolated showers now. right around 270 and i-70, gates and damascus. that's it on the radar now. we'll see more showers coming through tonight. pax river, close to three quarters inch of rain. the temperature is 68 degrees. solomon, just over half inch of rain. the wind gust 30 miles per hour. mcklain, not that much, only 300. depending on wha neighborhood you were in today. update on what's happening with tropical storm fred. it's expected to move northward and may develop into a hurricane. it's expected to dissipate 48 hours after that. here is the low. here's the easterly flou tomorrow morning. showers across the area. then a little heavier by the afternoon. there's the low coming inland more. high pressure not moving much. we keep the cloud cover and cool
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temperatures around as well. low 70s for highs tomorrow. not a lot of wind. there's the temperature for your wednesday. 76 degrees. we barely get out of the 60s on thursday. the high just 70 degrees. close to 80 by friday because we get a chance to clear out. let's hope we do. i'm ready for that kind of weekend. low to mid-80s across the area and finally, sunshine around here. >> we're looking forward to the weekend, too. thanks. time to run down a run away boat. >>
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it could be if jason campbell get as little more time to set up, things could happen. >> you are talking pas protection. the key to the football season. are they going to have it? we'll see. they have stories on the offensive line. undrafted edwin williams, the fan working his way on the roster. the story everyone started eating up was mike williams, the right back tackle. he hasn't played in a regular season game since 2005. he got attention because he was on a mission to drop weight. he lost more than 110 pounds in six months. his work to get back that timing and foot work. he shrugged off the rush.
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jim zorn said he is part of the football team t. redskins kept williams is very humble. >> it's one of those things where we are excited. now, we know we have more work to do. you know, winning the garnlgs you have to move on. this is one part of the stage. we did it. we lost the weight. now, we made a team. that's another part. now, it's time to move on and get better. just a whole bunch of goals. >> what's the biggest thing you learned about yourself? >> i learned that if this man don't keep on pushing on me, i'm going to snap on him. >> this is probably a big part of you getting in shape, you can bench him, right? >> him? not too many people can do that. i'm going to let you know, that's a fullback there. >> that's what they do to work
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out. he loves that attention. he's so much fun. >> i love seeing a running back as big as an offensive line. >> he's not such a heavy offensive line. he's down more than 100 pounds. he reaggravated an abdominal strain. for the nationals, tonight, they opened a home series with the phillies. the events were a little ridiculous. the phillies hit five solo home runs, three in the seventh inning alone. they couldn't capitalize on. they fall to philly, 5-3. john lannan was cruising. ryan zimmerman playing shortstop. the stop to throw to first for the out. his parents, his mom and dad like it. that was the last bright spot for john. second of the back to back, yep,
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his second of the game. lannan gave up three solo long balls. they follow the phillies, 5-3. they become the first team to hit more than 30 home runs. to tennis. the competition is thinning. serena williams is the only top five seed left. she inched closer to a fourth win. 6-4, 6-3. nicole kidman and keith urban were there, john brokaw and donald and his wife were there to watch serena. rena seemed to relaxed. watch this move. putses i away. it's not easy. match point, serena in command. takes advantage. the powerful shot down the line.
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advances, 6-4, 6-3. >> that will be a heck of a match. >> it will be. >> we have firefighters
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los angeles had to call before back up after their truck got swallowed in a sinkhole. workers were trying to block the road when the truck sank.
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the four firefightersnside got out okay. >> there was a scary labor day boating mishap in florida. a huge wave knocked three people overboard. their boat kept going, speeding out of control. the shoreline was packed with vacationers. most watched hoping the run away boat wouldn't hit anything or anything in the water. it hit rocks and flipped over. nobody was hurt. an accident involving an armored truck shovelled money off the road. the truck's backdoor the flew open this morning. several bags of coins spilled out on the road. police blocked off the area. no reports of drivers pulling over to help
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a beatles cover band to help celebrate a new interactive video game. the new music game allows them to sing or play along with ron, paul, george and rio.


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